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I made these for the I'm Kind of A Big Deal challenge at [ profile] theiconthrone.
I'm not entirely sure why I picked to do 20 different fandoms for this challenge, but that's what I did. It's ended up just being a grab bag of random looking icons of 20 fandoms that I love. Fandoms listed in tags!

some of these icons are almost okay looking too! )
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1-12 Sense8
13-25 Fringe
26-29 Continuum

love is like art )
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I don't usually post non icon graphics here, but these all took me so long to do, I'm gonna share them here. They were made for an LJ landcomm. All from Continuum.

8 tumblr graphics, character name meanings
2 gifs, 3d tumblr style

large graphics go here )
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1-10 Pretty Little Liars
11-12 Continuum
13-14 Star Trek Deep Space 9
15-16 Community
17-18 Miranda
19-20 The Mindy Project
21-24 The 100
25-26 The Pretender

here are the things )
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25 icons, plus icon progression post from what I've made this past year.

1-12 Pretty Little Liars
13-19 Fringe
20-21 Continuum
22-23 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
24-25 In the Flesh

bye bye 2014 )

icon progression 2014 )
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01-28 Pretty Little Liars
29-31 The Mindy Project
32-33 Continuum
34-47 Various fandoms

what a day )
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1-11 Pretty Little Liars
12 Orphan Black
13 Fringe
14 Farscape
15 Continuum
16-17 Community
18-21 Broad City

Forgot to xpost these when I made the post on LJ.
oldish icons )
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Orphan Black, Continuum, Pretty Little Liars

click to see )
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01-14 Pretty Little Liars
15 Battlestar Galactica
16 Looking
17-23 Farscape
24 Parks and Recreation
25 Continuum
26 Doctor Who
27-29 Fringe
30 Nikita
31-32 Community
33-34 Orphan Black

take a look )
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1-13 Pretty Little Liars
14-16 Community
17-20 Being Human (US)
21-22 Continuum
23-24 Fringe
for you i bleed myself dry )
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1-16 Pretty Little Liars
17-21 Fringe
22-26 Continuum
27-31 one of The Pretender, Better off Ted, Veronica Mars, Farscape, Angel

it's mostly all ladies )
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60 multifandom icons

01-07 Dexter
08-13 Revenge
14-21 Fringe
22-31 Nikita
32-37 Warehouse 13
38-60 Continuum
women who can kick your ass )


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