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01-03 Orphan Black
04-06 Mr Robot
07-09 iZombie
10-11 Star Trek Deep Space 9
12 Crazy Ex Girlfriend
13-14 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
15-16 Star Wars The Force Awakens
17 The 100
18 Parks and Recreation
19-20 You're the Worst

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1-2 Farscape
3 Fringe
4 iZombie
5 Star Trek Deep Space 9
6 12 Monkeys
7 Parks and Recreation
8 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
9-13 The Americans
14-15 You're the Worst
16 Pretty Little Liars
17 Star Wars The Force Awakens
18-20 Mr Robot
21-26 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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01-11 Broad City
12 Brooklyn 99
13 Parks and Recreation
14 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
15 iZombie
16 Farscape
17 You're the Worst
18-19 Fringe
20 Nikita
21 Star Wars
22 Star Trek TOS
23 The X-Files
24-26 Pretty Little Liars
27-29 Mr Robot

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Huge icon dump.... I didn't realize I had this many icons that needed posted. These have been made for many different challenges over the past few weeks!

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I made these for the I'm Kind of A Big Deal challenge at [ profile] theiconthrone.
I'm not entirely sure why I picked to do 20 different fandoms for this challenge, but that's what I did. It's ended up just being a grab bag of random looking icons of 20 fandoms that I love. Fandoms listed in tags!

some of these icons are almost okay looking too! )
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1-11 Star Wars
12-14 Fringe
15 Doctor Who
16 Mr Robot
17-18 Jessica Jones
19 Orphan Black

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So I'm trying to clean up and post any old icons I made or tried working on at some point this year. Also some I cropped from sig tags and such... just trying to post as many icons as I can before the end of the year!

1-10 Orphan Black
11-13 Elementary
14-15 Shameless
16-18 Mr Robot
19-20 Fringe
21-22 Star Trek Deep Space 9
23-24 Broadchurch
25 The 100
26 Farscape
27 Pretty Little Liars
28 Parks and Recreation
29 The Mindy Project
30 Nikita

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Mr Robot icons made for [ profile] character_draw where I got the character of Mr Robot (as played by Christian Slater).

I love this show so much, and it's only barely finished the first season. I definitely recommend it!

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