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1 Doctor Who
2 Lost
3-8 iZombie
9 Agent Carter
10 The Good Place
11 True Blood
12 Veronica Mars
13 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
14-17 Fringe
18-19 Twin Peaks
20 The 100
21 Brooklyn Nine Nine

some damn fine coffee )
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1-16 Babylon 5
17-18 Veronica Mars
19 Alias
20 Orphan Black
21 Star Trek Deep Space 9
22-23 The Good Place
24 Supernatural
25 Broad City
26-27 Fringe
28 You're the Worst
30 Farscape
31-32 Star Wars The Force Awakens

stay on target )
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01-03 Orphan Black
04-06 Mr Robot
07-09 iZombie
10-11 Star Trek Deep Space 9
12 Crazy Ex Girlfriend
13-14 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
15-16 Star Wars The Force Awakens
17 The 100
18 Parks and Recreation
19-20 You're the Worst

enjoy! )
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1-2 Farscape
3 Fringe
4 iZombie
5 Star Trek Deep Space 9
6 12 Monkeys
7 Parks and Recreation
8 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
9-13 The Americans
14-15 You're the Worst
16 Pretty Little Liars
17 Star Wars The Force Awakens
18-20 Mr Robot
21-26 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

sometimes things work out )
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01-11 Broad City
12 Brooklyn 99
13 Parks and Recreation
14 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
15 iZombie
16 Farscape
17 You're the Worst
18-19 Fringe
20 Nikita
21 Star Wars
22 Star Trek TOS
23 The X-Files
24-26 Pretty Little Liars
27-29 Mr Robot

woah i made icons )
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Huge icon dump.... I didn't realize I had this many icons that needed posted. These have been made for many different challenges over the past few weeks!

many fandoms, listed behind cut )
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10 icons made for [ profile] 10in30. I made these a little bit ago and forgot to crosspost them here.

may we meet again )
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I made these for the I'm Kind of A Big Deal challenge at [ profile] theiconthrone.
I'm not entirely sure why I picked to do 20 different fandoms for this challenge, but that's what I did. It's ended up just being a grab bag of random looking icons of 20 fandoms that I love. Fandoms listed in tags!

some of these icons are almost okay looking too! )
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10 icons made for [ profile] theiconthrone

1-5 Star Trek Deep Space 9
6-10 Farscape

adventures in space! )
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These icons I made sorta fast for a Bingo challenge at [ profile] tv_universe. (Which is why some of them are upside down or of characters I wouldn't usually icon much.)

28 Star Trek Deep Space 9

terek nor )
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This is a vaguely pointless post, but I figured I'd ramble about the icons of mine that got top votes at [ profile] bestof_icons. I've included the ones that got the most votes, the ones grouped together got the same amount of votes. Also I feel bad because I totally meant to vote on more of these polls when they were posted but forgot totally and missed the majority of them.

Winning icon:

I was sorta happy with this icon because I don't often do silhouettes or anything fancy like this. (Yes I realize this isn't that fancy, but it is for me lol). I was lucky I found a texture that I used for the text on this, because I just found it randomly and it worked so perfectly. I'm often afraid with silhouettes or things like this that they won't be recognized for who they are or what they're from but I think this one works, at least for people familiar with the fandom at all. I did put some actual work into this icon so I'm not unhappy it was chosen as the best, but a little surprised I suppose.

more rambling about my average icons )
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1-12 Sense8
13-25 Fringe
26-29 Continuum

love is like art )
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1-11 Star Wars
12-14 Fringe
15 Doctor Who
16 Mr Robot
17-18 Jessica Jones
19 Orphan Black

the garbage will do )
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I don't think I actually made much quality progression in my icons this year. But I'm making an icon progression post type thing because I do enjoy some of those year end round up things.

2015 )
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So I'm trying to clean up and post any old icons I made or tried working on at some point this year. Also some I cropped from sig tags and such... just trying to post as many icons as I can before the end of the year!

1-10 Orphan Black
11-13 Elementary
14-15 Shameless
16-18 Mr Robot
19-20 Fringe
21-22 Star Trek Deep Space 9
23-24 Broadchurch
25 The 100
26 Farscape
27 Pretty Little Liars
28 Parks and Recreation
29 The Mindy Project
30 Nikita

icons i have made )
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01-05 iZombie
6-9 Elementary
10 Jessica Jones
11 Babylon 5
12-13 The X-Files
14 The 100
15-23 Star Wars (all including TFA)

It's been a while since I made icons )
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1-9 Fringe
10-14 Broad City
15-19 The X-Files

yas queen )
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Mr Robot icons made for [ profile] character_draw where I got the character of Mr Robot (as played by Christian Slater).

I love this show so much, and it's only barely finished the first season. I definitely recommend it!

Hello friend )


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